I hate artist statements. Just like I find it hard to articulate my spiritual beliefs, it is nearly impossible to communicate why I paint and what the process means to me. I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that when I start my day with prayer, my day goes better. Just as I know that when I paint, I’m a nicer person to be around. Somehow that long line at Wal-Mart is tolerable if I’ve been in the studio that day.

I am from the “let-it-rip-tater-chip” school of art. I rarely do preliminary drawings. I dive right in and start painting. I am not afraid of changing a painting. If there is a part of a painting that seems just perfect, I try not to get too fond of it because if it needs to be moved or be removed for the greater good/finished painting, I figure I can paint it even better the next time. Any given piece may go through many changes. This is why my preferred medium is oil paint. It is so forgiving unlike watercolor or acrylics.

A painting may take me one sitting or 51 sittings. I never know. I struggle and go through a lot of fear to get a piece the way I want it. I believe that it is the struggle and the changes that give my work it’s soul.